Commercial Water Treatment Equipment

reverse-osmosis-systemInternationally accepted and recognised water treatment solutions can be utilised in varying capacities to reduce non- compliant parameters in source waters and water treatment units installed for industry-specific requirements.

KCWTL supply a comprehensive range of pumps, media tanks, electronic control valves, Ultra Violet sterilisers. Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and all commercial water treatment units to effectively reduce; Sediment and Turbidity, Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide, Arsenic, Nitrates, Total Hardness, Bacteria, Protozoa, Chlorine and other chemicals and to neutralize acidic/corrosive water due to low pH.
Water treatment systems can be “stand alone” or in sequence as preliminary treatment prior to commercial Reverse Osmosis Units.

Depending on space allocation and layout, the units can be mounted within a stainless steel frame housing the commercial RO unit for very compact installations.

Commercial Water Softeners

Our commercial water softener equipment is installed to protect boilers and hot water cylinders from expensive scale buildup within the reticulation lines and hot water cylinder elements and for commercial ovens, to reduce cleaning expenses.
As a preliminary treatment before Reverse Osmosis, this water softening treatment reduces feed water hardness and prolongs the life of the RO membrane. Therefore water softening is an important part of the water treatment process.

Commercial Sediment Reduction Units

Commercial Sediment reduction units to reduce dirt, suspended solids and turbidity. Media tanks are available in arrange of sizes and are installed with electronic control valves for completely automatic backwashing and rinsing.

Differential Pressure Switches, Metered or Time Control electronic valves trigger the backwash and rinse cycles.
Utilising the latest American media ensures particulate reduction down to within 3 to 5 micron range in a single pass, even from very turbid water sources.
(Smallest visible size is around 40 micron)
Sediment reduction units are available in a complete range of media tanks (FRP or Stainless) and valve sizes for all capacities and requirements.

Commercial Iron and Manganese

Commercial Iron and Manganese reduction units are available and are utilised, based on a comprehensive water analysis, to reduce different amounts and types of Iron and Manganese present in the source water.
Completely automatic backwashing and/or regenerating control valves are used with a wide range of tank sizes and capacities.

Commercial pH Neutralising Units

Commercial pH neutralising units to reduce corrosion issues are available in a complete range for all commercial water usages, with a top port for efficient periodic media replenishment.
Choice of control valves for backwashing or up-flow water valves to reduce media consolidation.

Commercial Chlorine Reduction Units

Commercial Chlorine reduction units, also in a complete range of capacities, utilising very high grade activated carbon, to dramatically reduce chlorine, taste and odour.

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